Custom Newsletter Printing and Mailing

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Newsletter printing and mailing can be extremely beneficial to a business, but can also be very costly if done incorrectly. Between the costs of printing and of mailing, a company or medical practice can start to face some serious expenses. These costs only increase when you factor in the manpower it takes to write, print, and transport these newsletters.

Benefits of our Service

Do not waste your time and money on inefficient methods. Instead, let SMG’s customized newsletter service take care of all your mass mailing needs at unbeatable rates. Our service can put out up to 10,000 newsletters on a quarterly basis, or just 250 one-time notifications for grand openings or big seasonal sales. We can also produce newsletters with first-class postage if you have a nearing deadline. Once your design is approved, we can send out your newsletters within a few days of finalization.

Competitive Pricing

Bulk newsletter printing and mailing orders require a minimum of 250 copies. From there, our prices never exceed more than two dollars per piece, and they drop as the quantity increases. Most orders are large enough to qualify for free design service, as well.

Our Simple Process

Our customized newsletter service involves four easy steps:

  • Make a phone call to our company, where you’ll speak with one of our SMG reps. This will be your point person throughout the project. You’ll explain your story and goals and provide our rep with some quick information about your business or practice.
  • Our rep will walk you through how we can customize our template to your company and voice. We help you to make sure the template best matches your services and brand.
  • Our design team swiftly creates a proof, drawing on the information and requirements you’ve shared with our rep.
  • All that’s left is for you to approve our team’s design. Once you have, we’ll take your new custom newsletter and ship it to your desired audience. It’s as easy as that!

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