Personalized Newsletter and Advertising Design

Since our start with medical newsletters, our newsletter design company has expanded into other areas to help you grow your business. From informative newsletters to outreach flyers that bring in new clients, we provide designs and services that help you reach your goals. Several major types of business can benefit from our newsletter and advertising services. We’ve accumulated years of experience working with businesses in a variety of fields, so we know which of our services best suit their needs.


It’s important to let possible clients know that you’re available to help them, especially when your services can spare them from more invasive and expensive procedures. An advertisement or newsletter from SMG is a great way to let the public (or your client list if you’re an existing practice) know that chiropractic treatments will soon be available at your location.


Plenty of people don’t come in for the regular check-ups that they need to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Remind your clients that their oral health is important with help from the experts at our newsletter design company. Our services can also inform clients about promotions like free cleanings.


A newsletter or personalized information can let your clients know about important information. Our design specialist can embellish all of your medical newsletters with your recognizable brand, so your clients can see your newsletter coming.

Real Estate

SMG is proud to say that we’re expanding our service to real estate agencies! Our team can create custom office stationery or advertising collateral that lets clients or potential clients know you mean business. Expand your personal brand with our services.

Other Businesses and Organizations

Don’t worry if you don’t see your industry above. SMG has a template that can be customized to whatever service you provide. This template give you limitless design options as we can create regular newsletters or personalized letterheads that quickly make your mail identifiable. These products are great for clubs and organizations as well, such as Homeowners’ Associations, rotary clubs, and medical associations.