Custom Marketing Collateral

Though we are known for our newsletter services, we offer a custom marketing collateral service as well. We can help you grow your business or practice by creating unique pieces of media that capture your brand. From personalized envelopes to colorized letterhead, our marketing support staff can create all the small pieces that your customers receive in the mail. Make SMG your business/healthcare direct mail advertising specialist.

A big part of driving customer engagement is making sure that your clients receive regular reminders that you are there for them. Just like we do with our newsletters, we create unique pieces based on your specifications and send them out upon your approval. This way, your brand becomes familiar to the public and your current list of clients. We can put your personalized design on every piece of your media that your customers interact with, and we can also create a personalized list of orders.

Office Letterhead

A customized letterhead adds an air of professionalism to your stationery and mailings. When creating custom marketing collateral like your letterhead, our expert design team can use your logo or create a new one altogether. We place this logo at the top of your letterhead and can even create personalized signatures for your staff. This product is an excellent choice for groups like real estate companies and Homeowners’ Associations.


You clients and customers will be able to identify the source of their mail before they even open it. In addition to using your personal logo, we can place your mailing address on the envelopes, as well. We can also place return postage in your mailings if you require responses from your clients.

Personalized Office Forms

These forms are for both internal office use and external customer engagement. They can include invoice templates, questionnaires, and so on. Forms like these, you can show that you and your company are dedicated to professionalism.

Business and healthcare direct mail advertising services like these will keep your clients up to date and engaged with the goings-on at your business or practice.