How many pieces do you want printed?

$1.29 (each) up to 999

$0.89 (each) for 1000 - 2499

$0.69 (each) for 2500 - 4999

$0.49 for 5000 on up

What class of postage would you like?

Standard (min. 250 pieces)
Delivery in 7-10 days


First Class (min. 500 pieces)
Delivery in 1-3 days


Add names to your patient database list if desired. How many names would you like to purchase, if any?

$.10/name for less than 5000

we will send a quote for more than 5000

Discount does not apply to postage.

10% Discount
(Commit to 2 Newsletters p/year)

15% Discount
(Commit to 3 Newsletters p/year)

25% Discount
(Commit to 4 Newsletters p/year)

No Discount


Total Estimated Cost